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The carpentry experts at Fairfield Contracting take great satisfaction in using their custom woodworking and carpentry skills to beautify home interiors with elegant features and details such as coffered ceilings, crown molding, trim and wainscoting. Over the years our customers have been especially impressed by our ability to create stunning original built-in cabinetry, fireplace surrounds and staircases, as well as many other custom pieces and designs.

If you have an idea for improving your home with the beautiful warm look of wood, please get in touch with us to further discuss how we can help you make it happen.


Compared to carpeting, flooring made from hardwood, tile or vinyl is easier to maintain and will improve the overall cleanliness and air quality of your home, as well as beautifully stand the test of time. At Fairfield Contracting we have the up-to-date knowledge and experience to help you select the best flooring material, color and finish for your requirements, and install it using the correct methods to make sure it will look fantastic for years to come.

New home with beautiful hardwood flooring in living room area

Hardwood Floors

Fairfield Contracting has extensive expertise installing hardwood floors, a hugely popular choice of flooring for its easy maintenance, durability and lasting beauty. For a warm and elegant look now that will only improve with time, hardwood floors have timeless appeal that will greatly enhance your home’s value in the long run. Our flooring specialists can help you decide if hardwood would be a good choice for your specific project or area.

Tiled Floors

Tile is another great choice for flooring if you’re looking for long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. It’s also often the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproof nature. But it takes a skilled hand to cut and install tile flooring, so make sure you call Fairfield Contracting for help with this specialized job. Trust our expertise to guide you through the limitless design options available, as well as look after the expert installation of your new tile flooring.

A man on his knees installing a ceramic tile floor

Vinyl Floors

Many homeowners are not aware of the vast design options and many other benefits of vinyl flooring. Available in sheets, tiles and planks, vinyl is quiet, warm and soft underfoot. It’s highly affordable and versatile enough to suit any room style whatsoever, and new manufacturing processes mean it has the texture and depth to effectively mimic more high-end surfaces like hardwood, tile and stone. Let us show you all the exciting possibilities of vinyl flooring for your home.

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