Wood Decks & Porches


Making improvements to beautify and increase the usefulness of the available space outside of your home is more popular now than ever before. Decks and porches are among the most requested improvement projects today, and there has been a corresponding increase in extremely durable construction materials that can be used that will easily withstand the heat and cold of the changing seasons, and stay looking great for years.

Once you've decided whether to go with a wood deck or one made from composite boards, we can create the perfect design to blend in naturally with your home's style while at the same time adding stylish visual appeal and depth to its exterior with the use of interesting visual elements such as latticework, pergolas and partitions. We can even advise you on the optimal lighting for your deck, so that you'll be able to get the most out of it both day and night. If your deck is being added to a section of your house that doesn't currently have an opening or door, you can count on us to ensure the finished project will look as if it has always been a part of your home's design.

While many people use their decks mainly for basic activities like eating, cooking and visiting, your deck can be designed as part of a completely customized outdoor space incorporating more luxurious and showy elements such as outdoor TVs, water features, fire pits, hot tubs and more.

Once you've personalized your stunning new deck with some of the many attractive outdoor décor accessories and accents available today, you'll be all set to enjoy and share it with family and friends, no matter what the season. And as any realtor can tell you, a show-stopping deck also has irresistible appeal for buyers when it comes time to sell.

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If you already have a deck that you're happy with, but it just needs some TLC in order to look its best again, Fairfield Contracting can expertly handle any necessary structural repairs or cosmetic improvements. For a completely new look to your old deck, let us help you decide on a new color or finish and apply it to give new life to your old deck and make sure it stays looking great for years. Please click here for a quote on decks