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Roofing 101

A roof can be very simply defined as “the structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle” but there is really a lot more to it than that. Your roof has the very big job of effectively protecting your home from Mother Nature in all weather conditions. Most roofs only last on average about 20 to 30 years, so chances are good that at some point, you'll need to make an investment in your home's roof.

New Roof Installations

Don't take any chances with this most important part of your home! Contact the roofing team at Fairfield Contracting to make sure that your new roof will be installed perfectly, and will be up to the task of providing years of protection from the elements for you and your family for decades to come.

The roofing team at Fairfield Contracting recommends asphalt shingles, the most widely used roofing material, for use in roofing installations. Because they can be applied to any angle, shape or slope on a roof they can easily be adapted to any type of roof style or architectural feature. Produced in a vast array of colors and textures, asphalt shingles provide the most economical solution for achieving an architecturally rich and elegant appearance, while also affording maximum impact and weather resistance.

Roof Repair

Waiting too long to repair a leak or replace a leaking roof is a bad idea, because even the smallest leak will eventually cause big problems. More than just a structural issue, water from a roof leak can easily work its way through all the nooks and crannies in your house over time, causing costly damage and massive headaches for you along the way.

The decision whether to repair or replace your roof should always be made in consultation with an expert like Fairfield Contracting. We can let you know what the most effective and economical options are for ensuring that your roof will continue to perform as it should. Whether you need a small repair or a complete roof replacement, choose Fairfield Contracting to make sure your roof will be up to the task of protecting your home and family from the elements for years to come.


Vinyl Siding

Installing or replacing the vinyl siding on your home is a perfect way to give it a dramatic facelift without beating up your bank account. Fairfield Contracting has beautified countless homes and properties over the years by replacing existing siding or installing new. Vinyl siding is also an attractive and suitable design element that will visually enhance a variety of home styles both old and new, from rambling farmhouses to modern bungalows and even Victorian-style homes. Customers appreciate the exceptional value and durability vinyl siding can offer, as well as the fact that it acts as a weather and sound barrier, and requires little if any maintenance to stay looking like new for years to come.

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